Sunday, June 15, 2008

Probably My Best Idea, Ever.

Aside from inventing a new exercise to sculpt my abs into the shape of a 4-leafed clover for St. Patrick's day, I think this is probably the best thing I've ever come up with. The Ultimate Dream Ticket:
Barack Obama and Morgan Freeman

Honestly, has nothing been more clear in the history of existence?

Let's look at what this dream-team has going for them:
1). They're both awesome.
2). Barack is all about change and Freeman is all about awesome.
3). While Obama has never narrated a movie before, I'm sure he's one of the few that could rival his new running mate. (Imagine how awesome a tag-team speech between the two of them would sound!)

When explaining this to someone else they said, "Yeah, and they're both black." Are we really that immature as a nation? I mean, come on, seriously? On that note however, Samuel L. Jackson could also possibly fill in for Freeman. Otherwise, I'd have him as the Secretary of Defense (did you see Snakes on a Plane?)

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