Friday, April 25, 2008

I'm Going on a California Adventure

Woke up early to hit up one of the three local Wal*Marts to pick up half a dozen cans of Axe and Tag body spray - I'm trying to be conservative so these will last till I get back home. After dropping off the stash in my room and rolling around in a cloud of Axe:Phoenix scent, I grabbed my D-Land pass and headed for the park. The bus ride over wasn't bad since I was going pretty early in the morning, but the driver was so ugly I almost want to become bulimic for her.

I waded through an ocean of tourists when I got there for about an hour before the park opened - unfortunately I wasn't able to find any special lines for my kind of people and decided I better not cause any more trouble while in town. When Mickey the Nazi Mouse finally got his ass off the train to let us in, I was immediately requested to be part of some sort of corporate photo shoot. One of the park employees pulled me aside and asked if she could take my picture. Naturally I agreed, it would be great for my resume to put down, "Modeling Work for the Disney Corporation." Later that day when I walked by the gift shop, I noticed they were already selling pictures of me for $14.99 each. They'll probably start sending me royalty checks in the mail every few weeks.

Other then that, I'm happy to report that the day has been running pretty smoothly, I just figured I'd pop by the Internet Cafe and give you folks a brief update while I chow down on some fries. Perhaps I'll come back later for another update if there are less creepy old men looking at various forms of 'illegal' pornography.

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