Thursday, April 17, 2008

Why is the Pope so Great Anyway?

So apparently the Pope just gave a mass to 40 thousand million billion people the other day. Over in Seattle the Dalai Lama was doing his whole bald genius schtick and everyone was oohing and ahhhing over it. It really got me asking myself how they got so much more out of life than me. Yeah I've got some pretty awesome stuff, but nothing compared to what the Pope has. I wear Abercrombie, he has his own specially tailored pope clothes, I have an apartment with cable TV, he has his own city, I use Norton antivirus software, he has bodyguards with pikes.

Why? Is it because he's German? Is it family connections? Is it because people think he's better than me? How did he claw his way so far up the heap? How many people do you have to screw over to become Pope anyway?

I can absolve sin just as well as that old fart. I frickin pee holy water yet when I tried sprinkling it on people I spent the night in jail. He got a whole parade just cause he can wiggle his hand. It's not like we don't have alot in common. We both have a special connection with the Almighty, we both have an enviable sense of panache, we both get rocks thrown at us, we were both briefly involved with Naziism etc. etc...


Roland said...

Dear Mr. Mensa x Mensa,
The word verification to verify my being human so I post a comment to you is "pohsong". Is there meaning in that?
How did you get to video Miss Tricia Walsh Smith?
I once worked for someone who felt even more unjustly wronged by the world. She died of gangrene - unable to believe in anyone else's ability to know what might help her heal. It was unfortunate.
We all deserve to be loved unconditionally. Check out a book called "The Presence Process" by Michael Brown. I found it very useful in understanding many of the sentiments you are expressing on your blog.
Take heart, be well.

Logan Vance said...

Roland -

My apologies if you've taken this blog seriously. I, Logan Vance am a fictional character dreamed up in the head of an aspiring creative writer. All issues expressed on the site are meant to be entertaining and comical - although I am well aware that a large amount of the material to be published on this site will offend some people.

Thank you for taking a concern, we need more people like that in the world, but there isn't anything to worry about here.

Cris Melo, from Melo Earth said...

Well, Roland, I'm glad you posted here b/c your book referral is just what I need, and at the absolute right time. Oh, the happy synchronicities!

Thank you!

PS: the word verification is a feature of the site (, not controlled by the blog owner.